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Sincere thanks to all partners, company and all colleagues, teachers who corporate with me and contributed significantly to its success.


This workshop is designed to help teachers better understand the teaching process and how to use a blended learning approach. Blended learning combines the best of traditional instruction with online learning technology, allowing teachers to use creative methods to engage their students. Through this workshop, teachers will better understand how to take advantage of this approach to teaching. They will learn how to effectively use technology to enhance instruction, how to make use of digital resources, and how to assess student understanding. Additionally, teachers will be guided in creating and utilizing lesson plans that take advantage of a blended learning setting. By the end of the workshop, teachers will have the tools and knowledge to be successful in the classroom, utilizing a blended learning approach. 

This workshop aims to help teachers design blended learning activities for young learners. Blended learning is a combination of online and traditional learning methods and is becoming increasingly popular in the education sector. Blending learning activities helps to create a more engaging and interactive learning experience for young learners. It also allows teachers to make use of a variety of tools to support student learning. 

n this workshop, teachers will learn the basics of designing practical blended learning activities. They will learn about the different types of blended learning and how to select the best activities for their students. They will also explore the different technology tools and resources that can be used to support blended learning activities. Additionally, teachers will gain insight into effectively managing blended learning activities with young learners. 

This webinar is designed to help teachers of young learners effectively use blended learning techniques in teaching the YLE Cambridge English language curriculum. With blended learning, teachers can use various online and offline tools to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment for their students.

 In this webinar, we will cover topics such as the benefits of blended learning, the different approaches to teaching YLE Cambridge, and practical tips for teachers on effectively using blended learning in the classroom. We will also look at examples of successful blended learning approaches teachers use worldwide.

 We hope that teachers will come away from this webinar with a greater understanding of the advantages of blended learning for teaching the YLE Cambridge curriculum and a range of strategies to help make their teaching more effective and engaging.

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In gratitude for the teachers who have always followed, accompanied, shared, and contributed to building the "I love teaching" community, ClassIn organized the offline event specifically for them.

 Take part in the offline event now for a chance to win:

✔️ Meet, exchange, connect, and expand relationships with experienced English teachers

✔️ We are looking back and honoring outstanding individuals and ideas that have contributed to the formation of the English teacher's community in general and ClassIn teachers in particular.

✔️ Learn from success stories, get motivated, and experience teaching innovation

✔️ Discover the latest breakthroughs in education!

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This webinar helps teachers to extend and scale up their online training centers to recruit students. It allows teachers to easily manage their webinars and training sessions, enabling them to reach a broader audience. With an intuitive interface and powerful features, teachers can easily keep track of their student's progress and stay connected with them. Furthermore, the webinar control allows teachers to customize their sessions to meet their students' individual needs and adjust the training sessions according to the size of the audience. With the help of this webinar control, teachers can easily extend their online training centers to reach more students and scale up their operations efficiently. 

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Reading is an incredibly important part of childhood, so providing children with an opportunity to engage in reading activities is essential. Hosting a conference or story hour focused on reading is a great idea. At the conference, adults can discuss the importance of reading for children and how it can be promoted. 

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The first impression a teacher makes plays a huge role in setting the tone for the rest of the school year. That’s why ensuring the first impression is good is so important!

 This webinar is designed to help teachers break the ice and make a professional impression on their students. We will discuss the importance of a positive first impression and how educators can ensure their students get a good first impression of them. Through interactive activities and real-world examples, we will help teachers gain the confidence they need to make the perfect first impression.

 Webinar attendees will gain an understanding of the importance of a positive first impression, learn how to prepare for that first meeting with students, and be provided with tips and tricks for making a great first impression with their student

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This webinar is the perfect introduction to digital lesson planning and interactive distance learning classes online. It is designed with the needs of the modern student in mind and provides an easy-to-follow guide for those new to creating digital lessons and interactive classes. The webinar covers the basics of creating and delivering digital lessons, such as how to create engaging content, use online tools, and use multimedia to supplement instruction. It also provides tips on creating activities and assessments that motivate student learning. After completing the webinar, participants will have a better understanding of how to create and deliver practical digital lessons and interactive classes. The webinar provides an invaluable resource for teachers, administrators, and students alike, and will help them stay up-to-date with the latest trends in distance learning. 


With the advancement of technology, digital teaching resources are becoming necessary in the classroom. This webinar is designed to help you create and use digital teaching resources to their fullest potential. 

When using digital teaching resources, it’s essential to consider the type of content you want to include, the target audience, and the type of technology needed. Additionally, consider how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your digital teaching resource.

We hope this webinar has given you a better understanding of using and creating digital teaching resources. With the right guidance and tools, you can create effective digital teaching resources that engage students and help them reach their learning goals.

Twinkl Education Publishing House is proud to announce its new scholarship program. With this program, we aim to make our online classes more accessible and affordable to those who would not otherwise have access to our qualified teachers.

 Our scholarship program is designed to allow individuals, groups, and organizations to apply and be awarded funds to cover the cost of our online classes. We understand that many people and organizations are not able to take advantage of our courses due to financial hardship, and we believe that our scholarship program can help to open the door to a world of educational opportunity.

This webinar is dedicated to helping parents and teachers understand and address language disorders in preschool children. Language disorders are a type of communication disorder that can affect a child's ability to understand and use spoken language. Common symptoms of language disorders in preschoolers include difficulty understanding and following directions, finding the right words to express themselves, difficulty with reading and writing, difficulty with social communication, and difficulty with problem-solving.

 We will also provide resources for parents and teachers when working with children with language disorders. By the end of this webinar, participants will better understand language disorders in preschoolers. They will have the tools and strategies to help children reach their fullest communication potential.  

With the Tet holiday just around the corner, it is the perfect time to start planning fun teaching activities to help teachers engage and motivate their students. This webinar will provide teachers with ideas and activities to make the most of their teaching sessions and keep them fun. 

the webinar will provide teachers with resources and strategies for getting their students excited about the holiday season. We will discuss ways to create meaningful learning experiences and ideas for celebrating the Tet holiday in the classroom.

 By the end of the webinar, teachers will have plenty of ideas and activities to make the most of their teaching sessions and keep their students engaged and excited about the Tet holiday.

This webinar is designed to help English teachers become more effective in their teaching through pronunciation methods. It is designed to be an accessible and informative resource for teachers who are looking for ways to improve their teaching. Through the webinar, teachers will be able to learn various pronunciation methods that can be used to help their students learn English. It will also provide helpful tips and tricks on best using these methods to ensure that their students make the most of their learning. Additionally, the webinar will cover topics such as using visuals and other tools to create an engaging learning environment. By participating in this webinar, teachers will be able to better understand how to effectively use pronunciation methods to help their students learn English. 

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This webinar will explore the potential of music-based learning to teach new knowledge. Drawing from various music genres, we will explore how music can facilitate learning in an accessible and enjoyable way. We will discuss the advantages of using music-based learning for a variety of topics and how to incorporate it into your teaching practice. Furthermore, we will discuss using creative and fun activities to help engage students and make learning more enjoyable. Through this webinar, participants will gain insight into the many benefits of music-based learning and how to apply it in the classroom. We will also discuss how music-based learning can be adapted to different subject areas and age groups. Participants will leave the webinar with the knowledge and resources to incorporate this approach into their teaching. 

Twinkl is an education publishing house that provides resources for preschool children. Parents can use these resources to help their children develop a solid educational foundation.

 This webinar provides parents and teachers with the tools and guidance to use Twinkl's resources to help their children learn and grow. Parents will be able to learn about the various educational resources available and how to use them to help their children in their early learning. The webinar will also provide insight into how to use Twinkl's resources to help teachers in the classroom.

This webinar is designed to give native English teachers the expertise they need to effectively teach English grammar. Twinkl Education Publishing House provides the webinar to ensure teachers have the best methods and tools to help their students understand and learn English grammar. The webinar will cover various topics, including the basics of English grammar, teaching strategies, and tips for creating effective lesson plans. The webinar will also provide teachers with resources they can use to create their lesson plans and activities. By the end of the webinar, teachers will have the tools and resources they need to effectively teach English grammar and help their students learn. 


Trang Phan is proud to present an educational field trip and training workshop for teachers that is sure to empower and inspire them. The goal is to provide teachers with the knowledge and resources they need to feel confident in their roles and further benefit their students.  At the end of the workshop, teachers gained a new appreciation for the importance of teacher empowerment, access to various resources, and the confidence to positively impact their classrooms. We are excited to offer this unique and inspiring experience for teachers that will leave them feeling empowered and inspired. 

This is one of the activities-based methods for training and sharing experiences workshops. This fun and exciting approach allows participants to engage in meaningful learning and collaboration. The activities are designed to allow for various learning styles and encourage participants to explore new ideas. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences and perspectives, which helps to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect. The activities also help foster creativity and team building, as participants are challenged to think critically and develop creative solutions to problems. By emphasizing collaboration and sharing of experiences, Trang Phan helps to create a positive and engaging learning environment. 


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Trang Phan is an experienced educator offering a workshop on teaching English through reading activities. She is passionate about making the learning process fun and engaging while keeping it student-centered. Her program emphasizes the importance of reading, comprehension, and discussion. Trang fosters an atmosphere of open dialogue and learning, ensuring each student is comfortable participating in the workshop. She encourages students to explore their ideas and opinions while learning to communicate them effectively. Trang is dedicated to providing her students with an interactive and exciting experience. 

Here is a prime example of how project-based learning can be an effective and fun way to teach students in the island in Binh Dinh City. Instead of having students memorize material, Trang Phan encourages a hands-on approach that encourages students to think critically, solve problems, and use available resources. Through project-based learning, students can gain a better understanding of the material as well as have fun while doing it. Trang Phan has shown that project-based learning is an effective way to teach students in the island. Not only is it enjoyable, but it also encourages students to think more critically and to find solutions to the problems they face.


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This webinar will explore how AI-based pronunciation technology can help teachers and students to empower their teaching. We will discuss the advantages of using the Elsa Speak app, a speech recognition tool designed to help users improve their pronunciation and speaking fluency. 

Moreover, the Elsa Speak app can be a powerful teaching tool that encourages students to practice pronunciation and speaking skills. The app's interactive capabilities allow students to record themselves, compare their recordings to native speakers, and receive personalized feedback.

 Webinar participants will explore how the Elsa Speak app can help teachers and students empower their teaching and overcome language barriers. We will discuss the app's advantages and the potential for AI-based pronunciation technology to transform how we teach and learn the language.


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We are delighted to announce that Twinkl Education Publishing House has partnered with The Asian Parent to sponsor a webinar to help parents with homeschooling. Twinkl is a leading provider of educational resources and materials for children, and The Asian Parent is an online platform that supports parents with parenting solutions and advice.

 The webinar will give parents practical advice and guidance on homeschooling their children best. It will cover lesson planning, managing distractions in the home, keeping children motivated and engaged, and creating an effective learning environment. The webinar will also provide parents with access to helpful resources and materials that can be used to support their children’s learning.

 This is an excellent opportunity for parents to access the expertise of Twinkl and The Asian Parent. We hope this webinar will help equip parents with the knowledge and resources they need to make homeschooling a positive experience for their children.