Sincere thanks to all the colleagues, teachers, parents and students who participated in these projects and contributed significantly to its success.

Open Education For a Better World

Co-Mentor Position in the Hub Youth Project. The International Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI) under the auspices of UNESCO, and the Jožef Stefan Institute, have launched an Open Call for Developers & Mentors for the Open Education for a Better World Mentoring Programme.

The OE4BW  has been developed to unlock the potential of open education in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The programme provides an innovative approach to building Open Educational Resources (OER), connecting new developers of educational materials with experts who volunteer as their mentors. The aim of the programme is to build capacity in open education while producing concrete educational materials with the potential for high social impact. The program has been running annually since 2017, has had 262 completed projects, and is entirely run by a community of high-level dedicated volunteers from around the world! As such, this is a highly selective and intensive program.

Climate Change - Food Waste Project

Our project, aimed at combating food waste, was inspired by our young son's love for the natural environment. We decided to create a program that would empower individuals to take action in protecting our planet. Little did we know, our little project would receive recognition and encouragement from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Our little project caught the attention of educational publisher McMillan, who published our program as part of their "Change Maker" program. We were thrilled to have our program recognized and supported by such a reputable publisher.

Visit the project with Henry: Click here

Mentoring Program

The Mentoring program aims to provide support and guidance to educators, empowering them to become more effective and innovative in their teaching practices. By offering personalized mentorship and professional development opportunities, the program aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice, helping teachers navigate the ever-changing landscape of education.

One of the key features of the Mentoring program is the opportunity for teachers to connect with and learn from experienced mentors. These mentors are individuals who have successfully navigated the challenges and obstacles faced by educators, and they are now sharing their knowledge and insights to support the next generation of teachers. Mentors provide guidance, advice, and practical strategies that can be applied in the classroom, enabling teachers to enhance their teaching skills and improve their students' learning outcomes.

Another important aspect of Mentoring is the emphasis on professional development. Teachers are constantly bombarded with new teaching methods, technologies, and resources, and it can be overwhelming to know where to start. The Mentoring program provides a platform for teachers to explore different professional development opportunities, whether it's attending workshops, participating in online courses, or collaborating with fellow educators. By encouraging continuous learning, the program empowers teachers to stay updated with the latest teaching practices, ensuring that they are delivering the best possible education to their students.

Furthermore, Mentoring encourages teachers to step outside of their comfort zones and to embrace new ideas. It recognizes that teaching is not just about getting through the curriculum, but about creating an engaging and interactive learning environment. By encouraging teachers to explore new teaching strategies, take risks, and think outside the box, the program fosters a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

Reading is FUN

The project has been carried out in more than ten provinces across the country with the aim of promoting a love of reading with children and developing inspiring storytelling skills among teachers.

Teachers (who participated in the course) and parents of students who attended the course praised the project. We are honored to be featured on For Vietnamese Strength - Vietnam Television

TESOL Free Training Series

The purpose of this project is to help groups of young teachers learn more about teaching and classroom management and improve their ability to foster a positive learning environment.

Twinkl Ambassadors

Teachers, parents, and students across the country will benefit from articles, webinars, and offline workshops written by Twinkl Publishing House ambassadors. 

As Twinkl works with the spirit of market demand and desire to contribute to society, we hope it will help bring more human values to the education industry in Vietnam in particular, and a tool to support teachers in general.

 Special thanks to the team

Environment Labs For Kids

This project is funded by US Embassy's Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative program (YSEALI) and implemented by ACCB. It is the first environmental laboratory in Vietnam for children.

Environment Lab activities aim to raise students' awareness and understanding of important environmental issues such as plastic waste, clothing waste, and food waste. Environmental STEAM activities will be conducted in this mobile laboratory.

Inquiry-Based Science In The Classroom 

For Kindergarten

Through this project, teachers will be able to gain a better understanding of applied science and learn how to help children practice multi-skills, which will benefit them not only in learning skills but also in many other aspects of their lives.

Ly Thai To 2 Kindergarten took part in the project and received a lot of positive feedback.