Ms. Cao Thanh Huyền

Director of EDUCAP JSC. - AIT TESOL Representative

With more than 20 years of experience working in education, I have had the privilege of meeting many talented professional educators. Trang Phan is one of the individuals I have worked with who uniquely stands out. I first met Trang Phan in May 2016 when she attended our TESOL training course at EDUCAP. She struck me as a person with an extremely serious attitude towards learning. She was the most active and hardworking trainee in the class, so it didn’t come to my surprise that she achieved the highest results of the course. Possessing all the positive qualities of a dynamic, creative, and caring teacher, she was then invited to teach Business English classes for various companies, facilitated by EDUCAP. Doing language corporate training requires the highest form of standards, and she never failed to deliver. After that, Trang Phan continued to step up and take on the role of an Executive Consultant with EDUCAP, together with Australian International TESOL (AIT). She was responsible for providing consultation, assisting trainers and also hosting TESOL workshops in various cities and provinces throughout Vietnam. During our time together, she displayed great talents and excellent communication skills. Trang Phan is the person who best embodies the spirit and nature of a TESOL teacher: full of energy, creativity and dedication. In any given role, she shows her perfectionism, can-do attitude and 100% devotion to her work. It seems like there is an endless passion for education and the desire to share and contribute to the community in Trang Phan. She exudes high levels of professionalism, positivity, and never ending dedication for education. Being able to give and support students and fellow teachers is her ultimate goal and motivation. For almost a decade of working with her, Trang Phan always surprises me with her life-long learning approach in both professional and personal life. She would be a tremendous asset to any organizations and communities she’s in. Trang Phan has my highest recommendation and I look forward to learning more about the accomplishments that lie in her future!

Ms. Hằng Phạm

Country Manager - Twinkl Vietnam

Trang is very capable and responsible. Being a Twinkl Content Writer, she has been producing hundreds of high-quality teaching resources, helping teachers save their time as well as deliver interesting and engaging lessons. Trang is good and trustworthy teammate. She has been lovely, nice, and supportive. She thinks independently, and has great problem-solving skills combined with great determination. If given a goal, she will find a way to achieve it.

Ms. Nhung Tran

Representative - Confederation College Canada

Trang is an exceptional leader in the field of language teaching. Her charisma and influence have made her a valuable asset to the ClassIn Mentoring Program season 1. She goes above and beyond to support her colleagues and encourages them to reach their full potential. With her goal-driven and can-do attitude, she serves as a source of inspiration to those around her. I highly recommend Trang for project coordination and any role that requires a motivated and supportive leader.

Mr. Abdul Josef

Marketing Leader - Southern Ontario Collegiate Canada

Trang is very focused and hardworking individual with strong skills for mobilizing, motivating and managing tasks and people to complete objectives. Her enthusiasm is inspiring and she is a gem in any team. All these qualities lead me to believe that her already extensive track record of milestones and achievements are only the beginning of greater things to come. 

Ms. Tương Trương

SEA Director - ClassIn Vietnam

Trang is a dedicated person. She always puts 100% of her heart into her work. You can trust her for whatever she does. She’s also very creative and efficient - hence you can expect high-quality results from Trang and her team. And last but not least, Trang has strong leadership. She has the ability to gather smart people to build a strong team heading for a common goal. Thank you Trang for you and your team’s work with ClassIn!

Mr. Muhammad

President - Southern Ontario Collegiate Canada

I have known Ms Trang for several years now, and what strikes me about her is her dedication and strength of character. She is smart, intelligent and very resourceful. Ms Trang is the kind of person that you can readily rely upon to find the most effective way to resolve any problems that may arise in the course of project execution. Ms Trang is trustworthy, ethical and respectful. I am immensely pleased to recommend her as a trustworthy and reliable educational professional.

Mr. Nhan Do

CEO Founder -  TutorIn (Former COO ClassIn Vietnam)

Trang is a proactive person who often has many innovative ideas. She is also excellent at building the community on social media. It was such a great pleasure to work with her at ClassIn.

Ms. Melody Munro

CEO/ Founder Wee College Canada

Trang is our Janet Gems in the team. Thanks for all the wonderful work she did to make this our training program truly remarkable!!! Together we all Thrive!

Ms. Gin Ngoc Anh 

CEO at Ginny House | Edupreneur | CELTA + TESOL certificatesMs Gin Ngoc Anh | 

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ms. Trang Phan for 6 years, working with her in multiple events and projects, and I am thrilled to have this opportunity to recommend her for any position she may be considering. Trang is an energetic, responsible, and professional individual who brings a high level of dedication and passion to her work. She has a strong sense of community and is always willing to lend a helping hand to others.

One of Trang's greatest strengths is her ability to multitask productively. She is highly organized and efficient, and she always manages to complete her work on time, no matter how busy she may be. This makes her an excellent role model and a valuable team member. Trang is also an incredibly inspirational person, with a clear and strong core value of sharing and supporting others. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help others and is deeply committed to making a positive difference in the lives of those around her.

Trang's exceptional interpersonal skills and work ethic have made her an asset to any team she has been a part of. Her positive attitude and willingness to take on new challenges have helped her build strong working relationships with colleagues and clients alike. Trang is highly professional and consistently delivers high-quality work, earning the trust and respect of everyone she works with.

Overall, I strongly recommend Trang for any position she may be considering. She is an exceptional individual with a unique combination of skills, talents, and personal qualities that make her an asset to any organization. I am confident that she will make a significant contribution to any team or project that she is a part of, and I am happy to endorse her without reservation.

Mr. Tung Nguyen Trong

CEO/ Founder

Trang is one of the most dedicated teachers I've ever met. Every time I work with her, I feel a tremendous surge of energy that helps build momentum for a large team or even a small class.

Additionally, Trang is tech-savvy in the field of education. She was an early adopter of our English training platform and successfully applied it to her English Center.

Last but not least, Trang is always ready to provide strong and expert advice when I need it. 

Mr. Vincent Le

CEO / Chairman 2G Education

I had the pleasure of working with Ms Trang when inviting her to provide several teacher training workshops for our company, and I can confidently say that she exceeded all expectations. Her energy and enthusiasm were contagious, and her ability to inspire and motivate our teacher employees was simply outstanding. Her passion for education and her commitment to helping others achieve their full potential were evident in everything she did...

Ms. Nga Nguyen

Lecturer / Swinburne Vietnam

Trang is a true visionary who possesses a unique ability to motivate and inspire those around them. She leads by example, consistently demonstrating a strong work ethic, a passion for our organization's mission, and an innate ability to bring out the best in their team members. Whether it's through setting ambitious goals or providing invaluable guidance, Trang has a natural talent for cultivating an atmosphere of growth and collaboration.

One of the standout qualities that Trang brings to the table is their exceptional communication skills. She has a knack for simplifying complex concepts and ensuring that everyone on the team understands the vision and their role in achieving it. Trang also excels in fostering an open and inclusive environment where every team member feels valued and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives.

Additionally, Trang consistently goes above and beyond to ensure the success of our initiatives. She is resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented, which has been pivotal in helping our team overcome challenges and drive results. Her adaptability and ability to pivot in dynamic situations make Trang a true asset in our fast-paced industry.